Why Your Website Should have a Blog

Having a blog on your website is crucial for your business and your website.   Here are some of the best reasons to consider about becoming a blogger.

Drive traffic to your website.

Google likes content.  More so, Google likes content that changes.   Sites with blog articles will more likely get picked up and spidered on Google faster than a website that has no blog.  I have even seen blog articles that have gotten in with Google even before the rest of the pages were on it.

Convert Traffic into Leads

When you write a blog article, you now have a chance to use a call to action (CTA) at the end of each one.  You can use anything you like, an offer, a purchase, a free ebook, webinar, free consultation, or free quote.  

Become an authority

When you write blogs, you are sharing your knowledge with the world.   You have now become a creditable source.  Blogging also helps customers answer questions and solve problems.  Providing helpful information also insures they come back for more.

Builds relationships with clients

You should probably consider allowing comments on blogs.   More than likely you may receive questions or even comments on your blogs.  When you respond in a timely manner, you are now engaging with a potential client. This  builds trust with clients.

Boost social media efforts

When you write blog articles you now have an opportunity for great material to share OUTSIDE the web site.  Yes, we are talking social media!  Make sure that every blog article has the capability to do social media sharing to the various platforms.   Many times a plugin can accomplish his task.   Creating good content will get shared.  And, as an added bonus, think of the following:  posting an article on social media is just an article. When shared from website, it points back to your site, thus driving traffic. Once again great for Google.

A Blog humanizes your brand.

Think about this:  a website is very formal:  it explains the facts.  Blogging takes a slightly different approach:  it lets you write from a more personal perspective.

Quick Fact:  According to the Quick sprout survey, 60% of consumers feel better about a brand after reading blogs & 62% made purchase because of it.

Helps your SEO

Writing good titles + good keywords can really help your SEO (search engine optimization) – placement on the web.  


I often get asked, “How often should I blog?”  The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer.   Once a week, twice a month, or every other day.  Whenever you have a good topic to discuss.  However, if you don’t have the time, don’t do it.   Once again to put up one article in 6 months is not considered blogging.