Psychology of Color in a Logo - Red


How does seeing the color red make you feel? One of the brighter colors, it invokes many strong emotions. 

Red is often described as warm, vibrant, and intense. It can also be seen as an exciting and even aggressive color, but it can also produce feelings of love and passion.   It makes us take action.  Red dominates the market on Valentines day with roses, hearts, red candies, red ribbons, and much more.

In the marketing world, red is often used to call attention, particularly in advertising and traffic signage.  You can tell because many and MOST of the fast food companies have chosen RED as the main color for their logo.  Its “attention-getting” brightness excites out emotions and inspires us to take action.  It also can alert towards danger.  

If you have an amazing, exciting, sexy product or service, are in the food industry of the toy/game industry, red is definitely one of the colors you should be considering.