Psychology of Color in a Logo - Purple


Purple originates back to one of the few colors that you could barely see back in the old days.   The reason was that it was one of the most expensive colors to produce, from rare plants and flowers to make the dye, hence the color purple has always been a symbol of royalty.  

Although today purple is not usually considered one of the “favorite” colors, it does stand for many things in the “emotional world”.  According to color experts, purple represents the feeling of luxury, nostalgia, romance and creativity.  Purple also is believed to exist at the edge of the imagination, making it unique.

In nature, purple is one of the scarcest available, making it also represent free association, whimsical, and fantasy.

Purple is used for many companies representing the beauty of anti-aging industry.   Its also considered to be a soothing and calming color.  

Purple should not be used alone, but in conjunction with a complementary/contrasting color such as pink, orange or purple can make a very stunning visual.

What color will you choose for your business?