Why Your Website Needs Call-To-Actions


A call-to-action, or CTA, is an advertising and marketing term which refers to to a piece of content, (an image, a button or a line of text, a link, or a form), which prompts users to perform a direct action on your website.

A call to action is a great way to get users to engage with you.  Call to actions should be used throughout your site and in different formats. Call to actions can be attractive and tempting with the right offer.  CTA’s lead your web clients to take action.

In order to make your Call To Action campaigns successful, you will need to decide what kind of action you would like your web visitors to take.  I have broken down the six types of Call To Actions that can be taken on a web site:


How to Create an Enticing Call To Action:

  • Location:  The call to action should be very easy to spot on your page, if not the first thing they see so make sure you put it in an easy to spot location.   They should also be on as many pages as possible.
  • Great Design:   In order to catch the user’s attention, make sure you use good contrasting and bright colors in conjunction with the colors of your website
  • Short Length:   Your call to action should not be sentences, it should be short and to the point, and clearly state what the user will be getting.


Using these methods should get your call to actions to be easily spotted, and hopefully your users will engage with you.   If one method doesn’t work, change it around and test to see what will work for you and your company offers.